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Information About Red / Spider Vein, Rosacea, and Ruby Points Treatment

Spider Ecleris (radio frequency technology) - Vascular Thermo-coagulation


Suitable for:


  • Telangiectasias (broken capillaries/red veins/spider veins)

  • Rosacea

  • Erythema

  • Ruby points (Cherry Angiomas

A main impulse-generator radio frequency unit drives impulses through an ultra-fine, insulated needle to the desired location. A highly accurate amount of energy is delivered to the exact place, producing a thermal injury which results in the effective thermo-coagulation of the blood vessel, without damaging surrounding tissue.


  • High precision and safe technology

  • No previous preparation is required

  • The procedure is tolerable and is painless after treatment 

  • Immediate results

  • Applicable to all skin types

  • It can be applied in any part of the body, even in the most sensitive areas,
    such as ankles, knees and face

  • Suitable for treating telangiectasias which are inaccessible with micro-sclerotherapy
    (lower than 0.3 mm)

  • No side or adverse effects or complications. 

  • No bandages or special care needed after the session

  • No subsequent inactivity or recovery time 

  • Non-incision treatment

Results – Generally lesions disappear after one session however some lesions may require further treatment.

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