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Below are indicative prices per treatment.  A quote will be provided after your initial free consultation

Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel

$1,999 (includes consult, in clinic treatment and 3 months home care products)

Woman face shutterstock_554005048 (2).jp

Collagen Induction Therapy - Dermapen® 4

Single treatment from $300

Add on peels (Uber Pro and Uber MD) $50


Hair Removal

Upper Lip from           $40
       Chin from                    $70       

Chin and Lip from     $110
Full Back from           $260

 Full Back/shoulders   $300

 Full Chest from          $270
Full Legs from           $235

       Half Legs from          $150       
Bikini from                   $95
Underarm from           $85
Brazilian from            $170

Full arms from           $130

Forearms (women)      $65

Full face (women)      $140

tattoo removal pic.jpg

Laser Tattoo Removal

From $75 - $500+ per treatment


                            XS          $75 - $100 per session                      

                                          (size of postage stamp or smaller)

                            S            from $100 - $130 per session

                                          (size of a business card)

                            M           from $130 - $160 per session

                                           (size of two palms)

                            L           from $160 - $200 per session

                                         (size of two hands)

                            XL+      from $200+ per session 

                                         (half sleeves, sleeves and more - price on                                                  consultation)

Please consult us for final quote

Consultation required

Young Model Woman with Skin Problem. Fem

Vascular - Broken Capillaries, Red Veins, Ruby Points, Rosacea

Consultation required for pricing

Smiling Redhead

RF / IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Starting from               $110

Retirement Protection

IPL Pigmentation Removal

Spot treatment from       $60
Hands from                    $180

Pricing: Products

Spray Tans

Full body spray tans - $50
Tan Extend - $35
Tan Remover - $35

Tan Mousse - $45

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