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Spray Tanning

Below is information about preparation and after care of your tan

Each person has a unique skin colour, which means not one colour suits everyone.  We proudly offer a range of solutions that are premium, certified, natural based products ensuring that you look beautiful and naturally tanned for every occasion.



Preparation is key to achieving the best tan possible.  The day before your spray tan, exfoliate your whole body with an exfoliating glove or face cloth.  Make sure you exfoliate areas that are prone to dryness, such as your legs, elbows and knees. Skin that is dry can cause uneven absorption. You do NOT need to scrub your body, just a light exfoliation is required.


Moisturise your body a lot in the days leading up to your spray tan BUT not on the day of your tan.

On the day of your spray tan avoid wearing deodorant, perfumes or moisturiser.  These can cause a barrier or chemical reaction with the tan solution and result in discolouring or uneven absorption of your spray tan.


WARNING - avoid using Aveeno moisturiser prior to your tan as it reacts with the bronzers and your skin will appear green (this is just a reaction and does not affect the end result of your tan but best to be avoided.) 


Ensure any IPL or waxing is done 48 hours prior to your spray tan.  If you are a first time waxer, 3-4 days prior to your tan is preferable. 
Ensure shaving is done 12 hours prior to your spray tan. 

Avoid hair removal on the day of your tan as this will not allow the pores time to close which could result in a spotty or blotchy look.

​Any hair removal after your spray tan will cause your tan to fade in that area so do this gently.


It is important to have loose, dark clothing to wear after your spray tan.  

Avoid contact with water as this will likely mark your tan or cause it to run. 

When you first rinse, use only water, not soaps or exfoliants, and pat dry with a towel, as they can be quite exfoliating on the skin. Avoid applying makeup, deodorant, or any topical creams or lotions until you have had your second shower after your tan.  


Do not rinse the tan off before the time frame given or leave it on longer than the time given to you.  The development of tans vary depending on the colour/look you are after and this will be discussed at your appointment.


If it is raining on the day of your tan then bring an umbrella to avoid your tan running.


Spray tan solution will not protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  If you are going to have exposure to the sun, please make sure you use sun protection. 


After your first rinse you may think the tan has washed away and your skin can appear a lot lighter - this is just the bronzer that you've removed - the development of your tan will take between 12 and 24 hours to complete.




Below are some things to avoid if possible as they will reduce the length of your tan:

Long hot showers or baths

Using product containing AHA

Baby oil

Dove body wash - it contains AHA exfoliant

Swimming in chlorinated pools

Lying in sand



Your tan should last for around 7 days if you look after it. Some people get less out of their tan and there are many reasons for this including medication you may be taking, hormones, lotions you have applied and even alcohol.

Use moisturiser every day over your tan to help keep the skin plump and keep your tan looking and lasting as long as possible.  You can purchase a Tan Extend product also that can be applied as a moisturiser that extends the life of your tan.



If you are a regular tanner and find you get a little build up you can use a foaming Tan remover and exfoliating mitt for areas where a tan solution may be  caught. 

Your tan doesn't look like it should?
Here are some reasons your tan may not be what you expected. The tan was blotchy: could be something you have eaten or a reaction to a pharmaceutical product, either over the counter product or prescription. 
A build up of tan can effect the next tan also.
Hands and feet - On some people the tan absorbs more,  we have less melanin down there hence why we don’t have brown soles. So too much tan on the area can make them look different to the rest of your body.

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